About Ground Zero

Carina Reingold and Dewald van Wyk discovered their true passion in life about 6 years ago and that was their love for obstacle course racing. Both Carina and Dewald have been racing at the highest level and gained years of experience throughout their careers. After building a good reputation and track record, the two decided to team up and start their own Obstacle training facility where anyone is welcome to come and learn some new skills and good technique in a safe and controlled environment.

Carina Reingold, Personal Trainer by trade and a CrossFit athlete of late, but loving her Obstacle course coaching. She represented South Africa at the 2016 World OCR champs and at the 2017 World Spartan champs. She was in the top 5 ladies in the Elite Black-ops until she decided to stop racing in OCR and made the smooth transition to CrossFit. She says: “To be the coach and see the success in your athletes is far more rewarding than any podium I ever stood on!”

Dewald van Wyk, application specialized by trade started OCR 6 years ago. Representing South Africa 2017/2018 at World OCR champs and at Tuff Guy (Were OCR started). Competing and training in different sports like trail running, ultra-trail running, mountain bike, CrossFit he decided to step away from competing in OCR races to concentrated more in the coaching and management of the athletes. “The sun will always shine the next day, no matter how good or bad the day was”

Group sessions

We are offering group obstacle training sessions for beginners to advanced athletes. We will also have conditional training sessions and whatever we can think of.

Personal training

We also offer personal training sessions for 1 to 4 people in a session. Rates depend on number of people.

Corporate team building

We welcome all corporates to send a team from the office to come and experience something totally different and have the most fun at the same time.

School groups

The future lies in the youth in order to grow this sport, so we encourage schools to get their children of 14yrs and older, to join us for a hour or two in the week.

our classes

We offer the following classes, please contact us for more information

Obstacle training

Conditional training

Trail running

Personal trainning

Group training


- Ground Zero Obstacle Park is powered by Suunto sport watches - www.suunto.com

Liquidsalt Activewear

- The DC Tigers racing kit is proudly made by Kyle Henderson at Liquidsalt Action wear - www.liquidsalt.co.za

Thick Skin

- Ground Zero Obstacle Park grips are proudly made by Armin Botha - 079 886 6993

Rietvlei Zoo Farm

Ground Zero Obstacle Park is built in the heart of Rietvlei Zoo Farm. Rietvlei Zoo Farm offers a lot of exciting activities for the whole family - www.rietvleilifestylecentre.co.za

Addicted 2 Adventure

- Ground Zero Obstacle Park is proudly associated with Addicted 2 Adventure. A2A race will go across the facility - www.addicted2adventure.co.za

Sweat Media

- Sweat Media delivers bespoke photographic and media solutions to the sport and fitness sectors, specialising in athlete portraiture, product and premises photography, event coverage and social media content generation. For more information, please contact Andre Liebenberg at 071 874 9102 sweatmedia@gmail.com

Our happy students Sammy Nel

Ground Zero....What an awesome place to train. It has everything that an elite athlete could wish for. The obstacles are of high quality and provide you with the perfect mix of being challenged, able to grow and able to achieve great things.

Ground Zero is a very functional training facility that allows one to train numerous aspects of fitness, this makes for a very well rounded athlete.”

Our happy students Armin Botha

It’s first light and the sun is barely peaking over the highveld bush. Standing in the growing shadow of the “Hexagon” is thrilling. 12 Interchangeable lanes of pure grip obstacles dangle in front of me. From standard rings to unchained monkeybars, nunchucks and long shimmy bars that can all change before you’re done with your warm up. The Hexagon is a force to be reckoned with. As I turn to face the remainder of the facility, glancing at the sprint course, overs and unders, an array of walls and numerous rope climbs, the container doors are flung open and with a thud my attention is quickly drawn to the treasures concealed within it. Slam balls, kettlebells and wreck bags, to name a few, in all shapes and sizes. Skipping ropes hang like snakes in ominous fashion and it feels as though the assault bike is staring at me. After grabbing my matt and preferred weight I step onto the functional section of the facility. A big block of rubber floor which can (and probably will) host a crossfit comp, peers out over the farm. Being a runner and OCR fanatic I notice all the trails that twist and turn around the facility. Some disappearing in the distance beyond the mountain. A panorama view of typical African bushveld is suspended by another mammoth obstacle rig towering above the treetops. It seems more technical with lots of twisting, turning and moving obstacles as well as a monster low rig (similar to what I’ve seen on the European circuit), to boast a few. It’s not long before my heart starts racing and my hands begin to itch, with excitement and endless possibilities, to test my metal.

Our happy students Stefan Valentin

GroundZero is a challenging piece of earth. But one that provides great satisfactory. Still being sort of new to the OCR scene, I can truly say, GZ provided everything you need, from start (me) to end (we all have goals). Their equipment and obstacles designed are of top quality, and challenging enough to challenge any area of your current ability. Beyond the equipment themselves, the guys running GZ and who offer training are some of the friendliest, welcoming, and encouraging human beings I have ever encountered. They make the sweat and tears (and yes sometimes there are both) worth it. Their passion for the sport shines, and celebrate your own victories even more than you do sometimes. Their helpful and involved nature, combined with great obstacles, provides an overall amazing experience. A community definitely worth being part of.

Our happy students Cindy Wills

Ground Zero Obstacle Park: the place you go to challenge your limits among friends and people who share the same passion. The facility has a large variety of race-relevant obstacles to expose you to, and the managing and home team is passionate about helping you achieve your goals.